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      This is an exaggerating and swanking idea which broke the traditional art awareness . It’s a new trend.  
      We apply all the simple, pure and logical concept into the design, why not focus on the simple and pure? The package style can be so pure and combine with geometry. 
      The logic is so important in art world.
      Add  the creativity into the design, and, from the the point of vision, we put more attention in increasing the logic of art and concept of pure color. 
      Since Flower Monaco founded, we have been inheriting the advanced educational philosophy of Euro as well as the pure art tradition. At the same time, we keep creating, making a reasonable combination of art、imagination and creation and develop a new creative methodology and the AIC Educational philosophy which are suitable for 0-12 years old children.

      Flower Monaco

      Flower Monaco is a top brand derived from Europe, which is the initiator and practice of NKF theory. N is nature, we use no-poison, environmental. K is kid, kids are the most important key we focus on. F is future. By using the imagination, we create mirable fairy tales and make our life more colorful. 
      Super special crayons formulated to glide across the page for a fun coloring experience. Requires no sharpening or label peeling, just use like a toy. Can be used on paper, foil, cardboard, sandpaper, paper towels, waxed paper and more. Comes in a reusable iron box and prevents drying.
      Take contact:  0574-89065099